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Welcome Home My Ninjas!

Welcome back to all my current ninjas!

And to all my new ninjas…..welcome home!

My name is Olajuwon Hayes and I'm the co-founder of "Ojhayes.com" where I take the role as your marketing sensei to provide you with no bs and high quality content on your

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Learn more about me and our mission to financial independence.


Discover our motto

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"Let's have some fun and let's make a living!"

– Oj Hayes

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Also a quick reminder my ninja. You can also add images to your comments however it requires a little html knowledge. Don't worry it's easy! Simply copy and paste this<img src="your img url here"/> :until you get the hang of it on your own. In addition if you'd like to add some emojis to your comment throughout the "Ninja Chat" you can use the following to express yourself:

1.) smilesmile- :)__:-)__:smile:     2.)biggrinhappy- :D__:-D__:grin:    3.)sadsad- :(__:-(__:sad:

4.)surprisedsurprised- :o__:-o__:eek:  5.)eekshocked- 8O__8-O__:shock:  6.)confusedconfused- :?__:-?__:???:

7.)coolcool- 8)__8-)__:cool:   8.)madmad- :x__:-x__:mad:   9.)razztongue out- :P__:-P__:razz:

10.)neutralneutral- :|__:-|__:neutral:     11.)winkwink- ;)__;-)__:wink:      12.)lollol- :lol:

13.)redfaceoops- :oops:    14.)crycry- :cry:   15.)evilfurious- :evil:   16.)twistedevil smile- :twisted:

17.)rolleyesrolling eyes- :roll:    18.)ideaidea- :idea:   19.)arrowarrow- :arrow:   20.)mrgreenBIG smile- :mrgreen:

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