5 keys to success (My Epiphany)

Many people want to succeed. I say many because only a few will actually do what it takes to actually pull it  off. Is there a science to success or is it just random. Honestly as I've been down my path I've come to realize it's a mixture of both.

Here's the thing no one can accurately pinpoint WHEN they'll be successful, BUT they can do things (take actions) that'll lead to the success one desires. In summary, one can identify the terms of success, but knowing when it'll happen is a mystery.

This same phenomenon has baffled people for centuries (especially in our modern age). Traveling this path I think i found a way to make success easier to grasp.

The Solution

Success is boiled down to this:

  • Imagination (Creativity)
  • Persistence (Strong Will)
  • Intelligence (Not Book Smart)
  • Expectancy (Faith)
  • Personality (Just be you)

Allow me to quickly elaborate on this this:

  • Without creativity in terms of succeeding with financial abundance (because the determination to achieve success varies with each activity) you'll be just like a robot and doing everything everyone else is doing.

Now let me clarify this although this seems contradicting, one CAN do what someone else is doing but if the don't change the WAY they're doing it to FIT their personality (or what feels comfortable to them) they simply won't get the same results.


  • ​You MUST have strong will to push forward on difficult circumstances that may effect you internally or externally. There are just some things we can't control. There's a reason for that. My epiphany tells me that unwanted circumstances occur because someone around you is manifesting the wrong things such as chaos or negativity. However it's still up to you mentally accept the negativity given and if you do more bad things will occur your way as well.


  • You DON'T have to know everything in the world! But common sense or a desire to learn is crucial if one wishes to obtain such a complex feat such as gaining financial independence. Learn from you mistakes and adjust. Having a desire to experiment will lead the way.

  • One MUST have an expectancy that there goal will manifest, but remember you can't necessarily put a date on it. But as you continue to have faith you'll start to notice your goal getting closer to obtain.


  • Now personality is everything! No one wants to be a robot but sadly that's what many people do without realizing it. Many desire success so much they actually lose the essence of the personality to obtain it (kinda like what celebrities tend to do). Stop comparing and trying to be like everyone else! Just be you with your own creativity and watch how unique you truly are!

​P.S I know for a fact you have some misconceptions about what I've said today. Lets talk about it in the comment section down below.


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