Who am I and who you will become (Pre-Article)

Who am I?


Hello to all the ninjas who joined the clan. In case your interested my real name is Olajuwon Hayes. But who am I exactly? Why did I decide to build a community for like minded individuals?

It all started back when I realized marketing was all around me during my trip to my local Wal-Mart. You could call it an epiphany. During my realization I came to the conclusion that if everyone knew who how to leverage the power of marketing they could be successful in anything related to communication.

As time moved on the general art of marketing became an obsession to me to the point I've been studying for 2 and half years. I've engaged in trial and error to form conclusions on modern marketing strategies and I've also studied the mistakes of others to help me comprehend what I was doing wrong.

Fast forward I decided to start "Oj Hayes.com"


Why are you here?

So let's get to it. The reason your here is for one of three things:


1.) You want to join a community who share your ideas or build your own.


2.) Master the art of marketing so you can incorporate advanced techniques into any business you desire to produce massive success in terms of spreading your message.


3.) Seeking to build a passive income so you can start working and improving on your hobbies/goals.

And I aim to help you achieve ALL three!


Where are we going?

You may be asking "What's in it for me"?

Okay you got me! Cat's out the bag.

Nothing really! I just really want to help the ones who feel stuck in their day job a chance to break free from the 9 to 5 cycle. But in all honesty I do have hopes in return I can break free from my chains as well, so I can pursue the one thing i love the most….


(Hey don't laugh! It's MY dream!)

I'm sure you have a dream you would like to fulfill as well and if I can I want to help you become financially capable to make it happen. So join the Ninja News series and discover the hidden truths on why you're REALLY stuck in poverty…

Do you seriously want to miss out on this opportunity?

(Trust me you don't want to refuse)







P.S: In case you DO decide to refuse this offer I thought I should have a good friend of mine share a few words with you….






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