The Mission


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"Innovation Comes First"

"The Mission"

 I've been studying the game of online marketing for some time now (specifically 4 yrs now) and with all the knowledge I've accumulated, I'm starting to fully comprehend the proper formulas to grow a successful online business. What I aim to do with this website is to help college drop outs or determined individuals to achieve financial independence with the power of marketing. With all this knowledge flowing through my head, I've systematically designed a formula that can help the average person achieve financial independence with a set of principals that I've also created. In essence I'm going to assist you in creating something of value based upon your ambitions.

To Learn More About The Origins of Oj Read My First Article


In addition to creating a small business online I'll be teaching my students (ninjas) a whole new perspective on how to engage in marketing. Throughout the "Ninja Academy" I plan to divide my ninjas into 4 different categories to help better facilitate their learning experience here on Oj I will help each ninja in my clan to discover their marketing personality and assist them in their marketing efforts based upon that personality. To gain access to "The Clan" and "Ninja Academy" you must sign up to the Ninja Membership.

It's free! (For Now)


Being around the field I've discovered many are teaching BS strategies that are obsolete or are simply just on a bandwagon in spite of desperation to achieve passive income (which is what everyone treats like the "Holy Grail"), so they can live their lives for their own selfish reasons. As a result I decided to create a new series called the "Loser Cruiser". This is where we'll make fun of the individuals or companies who continue to make mediocre content and/or products, position themselves as an expert when they're not, and correct the information they claim to be true. We'll see what they got right, what's repetitive, and what's flat out wrong.

Who do you think we can find? (Let's make this series fun)


 I also thought it was necessary for me to make another series designed to help my beginner ninjas who are starting from ground zero in the world of marketing. So I bring to you "My 101 Series" which will give you the insights on old and modern marketing strategies. In addition I've prepared a "Glossary" for you for words you may not understand.

(Get educated here!)


  But Wait There's More! 

 (Lol I always wanted to say that)


For your convenience I've have setup a set tools I believe would be very useful to you as you begin to shift to the mind of a "Marketing Ninja". I've yet to have a healthy selection for all levels of expertise but for now we'll focus on the beginners and gradually move up to more advance "Ninja Tools".


Come and meet the ninjas of "The Clan" on the site! I decided I should utilize a territory where all ninjas can chat with one another whether to get ideas, get help, or simply have some fun. 


And finally as for "Oj's Mind"….It is what it sounds like! I'll be basically talking about ANYTHING on my mind  I feel I should say on the website so my ninjas can get a feel of my freedom of expression. After all I am a blogger. 


 My sole mission on this website is to help the ninjas of my clan achieve financial abundance to where they too can chase after their dreams that the system is holding them back from. Together as a community we WILL gain the mastery of marketing from this brand new perspective (that I've created) and succeed in ANY business we desire!

*** So are you ready to become a ninja? ***

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