The Mission



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"Passion and Innovation Comes First"

"The Mission"

I've been studying the game of online marketing since 2014 (after I was first introduced to Amway in 2012) and with all the knowledge I've accumulated thus far I'm starting to fully comprehend the proper formulas to grow a successful business in all areas of industry.

To Learn More About The Origins of Oj Read My First Article

My Target Audience (Who Am I Looking For?):

Workforce Employees, Online Marketers, and Online Entrepreneurs

Here on Oj I aim to deliver educational and entertainment value on financial independence, business development, and the vast universe of marketing. To help me acquire a loyal community I've designed a membership, social space, and blogging platform.

To acquire advanced knowledge on how to start and run a profitable business you must go to "Ninja Academy" where I've orchestrated tailored information dedicated to your personality as a marketer. Here I also give exclusive tips on how you can become financially independent based on your circumstance in life and how to manage it.

If you seek interaction among this community please head over to "The Clan". There you can customize your own profile and engage with like minded individuals who most likely share your passions. Be willing to share your experiences with us in your marketing journey in my upcoming series.

During the beginning of my marketing journey I would noticed many beginner marketers claim they are professionals in the marketing industry. On top of that the real marketing experts were deceiving their audience with information all for the sake of profit. In my defense I started a product/marketer review series I like to call "The Loser Cruiser".

If your new to marketing and need help with the basics please sign up to the membership to gain access to my "Done in 101" series where I explain the fundamentals of every aspect of marketing tools and techniques. If you don't understand some of the terminology please feel free to educate your self in the expanding "Glossary".

I've also taken the liberty to find the best marketing "Ninja Tools" to acquire for your marketing journey. Please browse through the selection and pick one or several that align with your marketing goals.

And finally if you ever want to understand my perspective on certain things about the world than look no further than "Oj's Mind". Certain things I'll talk about may be deep and maybe beyond comprehension but alas I still hope you enjoy or maybe learn something profound.

While my website is still in Beta my membership is absolutely free. All that is required is sign up and become a member of the community. Once the Beta Phase is complete the membership will become a monthly donation of $20.

(Each donation goes towards elevating my marketing experience in unexplored areas, which helps me teach the community new marketing ventures)

I'm REALLY excited to share this experience with you. If you wish to subscribe to this website please click the notification bell on your most used device!


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