Ninja Tools


1450073Here in this section you'll find some helpful tools that you may need throughout your journey. Please choose one or several that match your marketing goals.

(Currently there is not a wide variety of tools. More advanced tools will be added soon)

Disclosure Statement: "I want to make clear I do receive a commission made by any recommendation made on this page (at no cost to you). Please understand I do NOT recommend these products for the sole reason to profit but to help you succeed in your journey to becoming a marketing ninja. So not only will you be supporting your sensei you'll be supporting yourself in the end."

1.) Host Gator (Recommended For All Ninjas)


– This is where it all begins my ninja. Web hosting is what you need in order to bring your creations to life. Hostgator will be a perfect tool to help make that possible.

Who is this useful for?

– Any member of the clan who is dedicated to creating a passive income through the means of creating something of value.

– Any member who wants to have their own territory and have complete control over their creations.

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2.) Tweet Dis (For Beginning Email Ninjas)


– TweetDis is a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to display different varieties of tweets for more engagement on Twitter.

Who is this useful for?

-Ninjas who seek to build a massive Twitter following

– Ninjas who desire more shares on their tweets

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3.) BlogVault (Essential For All Beginning Ninjas)


-BlogVault is a WordPress Plugin that gives you the ability to restore your content in a variety of different ways.

Who is this useful for?

– Ninjas who seek a plan B of protection from possible threats from notorious hackers

– Ninjas looking to restore their creation from minor bugs caused by updates

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4.) MemberPress (For Intermediate Ninjas)



– MemberPress can give any ninja the power to create a membership site and restrict specific content for special access. (Hint: Ask Sensei How This Plugin is Coming Along Lol)

Who is this useful for?

– Any Ninja who has either great content, a community, product or service to share in exchange for a small to hefty fee

– Any Ninja who wants to restrict certain parts of their website

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(It'll be wise to only use this ninja tool if you ALREADY have a website with a well developed product or service in place, Therefore don't get this tool unless you have built a solid foundation)