Ninja Membership

(Currently in Beta)

Become an official ninja and gain access to Ninja Academy and the Ninja Nation! Based on your power of influence you'll be focusing on a certain type of marketing to become a ninja in your own right. My community is still in development so please be patient from the lack of members.

This project is currently in Beta so signing up is free! Once we reach 50 Ninjas in the clan the membership will just be a small donation of $12/month.

(All donations I receive helps me further expand my knowledge in new areas of marketing that I can then teach to the community).

"What will I gain from signing up?"

  • Access to The Clan   (Ninja Nation Community)
  • Access to Ninja Academy   (Education tailored to your marketing personality)
  • Auto Approved Comments   (Don't wait for Sensei to approve your message)
  • Sensei's Support   (I will personally guide you through your financial circumstance to better assure your financial stability. While getting know you as a marketer I can suggest great business projects for you to accomplish. In addition I will observe your innovations and give advice to establish a proper foundation designed just for you)

Ninjas: 0

My 50th Ninja will receive a coupon for $10 for the ENTIRE YEAR!

(will it be you?)